Data from all over the country are sent in to the National Database Flora and Fauna that now comprises over 90 million records. RAVON systematically studies the distribution of reptiles, amphibians and freshwater fish in the Netherlands. They are used for compiling both regional and national atlases and Red Data Lists, and form the basis for all our consultancy work. 

In order to guarantee a constant flow of data, we have embraced the concept of citizen entry portals such as and both of which have instructions in English and international species lists. All records are validated before being entered into the data bank. Apart from single observations, data are also generated through monitoring.  Within our national ecological monitoring programme that comprises various flora and fauna networks, RAVON coordinates three projects. We have been responsible for the monitoring of reptiles since 1994,  amphibians since 1997, and freshwater fish since 2011. The methodology is developed in close collaboration with Statistic s Netherlands (CBS).

  1. Monitoring Reptiles
  2. Monitoring Amphibians
  3. Monitoring Fish
  RAVON is de kennisorganisatie voor reptielen, amfibieën en vissen. Advies, onderzoek & bescherming.   Telefoon: 024-7410600
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